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Claymation and Animation: The basics of stop motion animation and claymation for HD Video

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 from 9:36pm

Sound is often the last element people think about when it comes to filmmaking, but in many instances it is almost more important than image. A film with bad visuals, but good sound is still watchable, but the same is not true when reversed. This leaves the question: “What is good sound”? This salon will examine the use of sound in several different examples of films, and the different techniques used by composers, foley artists, sound designers and picture editors to create the ultimate soundtrack.
  • Instructed by: Vestibulum Lorem Condimentum
  • Location: Yukon Film Society Office
  • Cost: $150.00
  • Prequisites: Everything in the whole world
  • What to Bring: Lots of pencils

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