I Like Movies

Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 7:00 pmYukon Arts Centre

A cheeky film nerd stands on the threshold of adulthood. Join us as we go back to the wonderful world of the local video store in this charming indie comedy.

We're going back to 2002, a year when video rental was a big thing. Lawrence and Matt are film lovers who dream of becoming great filmmakers. They spend all their time watching movies, both classic and new movies. Lawrence gets a job at the local video shop, where he becomes good friends with his boss, the grown-up and attractive Zita. At the same time, he loses contact with Matt, and his mother says that they cannot afford to send him to New York, where he wants to study film, so he has to settle for an ordinary university in Canada. Is his filmmaking dream crushed before it even gets going?

Content advisory:

themes of suicide, sexual abuse, and mental distress

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