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Pop-Up Video Gallery

Friday, February 5 until Sunday, February 28


Dir. Sadie Segriff 3 min 19 sec 

Music: Thank you by Florist


The name of the film is Insensate, which means “lacking physical sensation”. Currently, we are ingrained with the fear of touch due to Covid-19, and it will stay with us for generations to come. This piece explores human expression without physical connection using the gestures we learn and use on a daily basis. These gestures spread throughout our community and generations. It is important to share this because dance is in everything we do. A body is just as it is: a piece of art, beautiful and everything it needs to be in that moment. Insensate will dive into knowing who we are as humans, where we have come from and how we connect to others.



Sadie Segriff is an artist raised and based in Whitehorse, Yukon, the traditional Territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. She is a white queer cis woman and identifies as a postcolonial Canadian settler. Her work is influenced by her northern upbringing, environmentalism and advocating for human rights. Sadie’s practice is to research human identity and expression that explores her connection to people and the natural environment around her.

(Website: https://www.sadiesegriff.com/ )



Search Though We Might: Chapter 5: 13 Views:

Dir. David Curtis 4 min 25 sec


“13 Views:” is one of an ongoing series of short films/ chapters making up a work titled “Search Though We Might, We May Never See What Lies Beyond the Horizons of Our Imagination”. The project, totaling 7 films to date, is a reflection on our psychological and phenomenological interrelationships with the environment, and non-human beings during this pandemic. These films are part of an ongoing exploration of the existential limits of human consciousness, vis-a-vis language, both visual and verbal, to encapsulate and express the intimacies and paradoxes of our lived experiences of the lands, flora and fauna we dwell amongst. 



David Curtis is an off grid dwelling commercial fisher, carpenter and artist who has had the honour and privilege of living in Dawson City, within the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territories, Yukon for the past 22 years. 


In all aspects of his life he nurtures a close relationship to nature, kairos and laughter. 


David’s media work focuses on interweaving poetic and associative possibilities through form, subject and meaning, especially in relation to our lived experiences of happenstance, kairos and chance. The open ended interpretative outcomes of his films are predicated on the idea that poetry, passion and humility are not only important to being human, but essential to our survival. 

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