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The Booksellers

Streamed online between May 29 and May 29, 2020

Available Light Cinema at Home

Hello Yukon film-goers. Good news! You can stream this immersive documentary at home and support the Yukon Film Society during this challenging time. Thanks to the support of Kinosmith and Documentary Online Cinema for making this virtual screening possible. Instructions for accessing the film are found below. Thank you for your continued support/ shäw nithan, Andrew Connors, YFS Artistic Director

Bibliophiles unite! Step inside the leather-and-musk-scented world of New York City’s rare book world, an eclectic crew of wheelers and dealers dedicated to preserving history one musty tome at a time. These stranger-than-fiction relics are more than just novel—they are links to our shared past. Executive produced by Parker Posey, The Booksellers celebrates the value of books as tangible objects at a time when chain stores and e-readers threaten their very existence.

Recommended for ages 8+

[A] charming documentary about the book world - or more specifically the book-as-object world, with antiquarian booksellers trying to reinvent themselves and their industry in a digital era.- Jennifer Szalai, The New York Times

Here's how you can stream this film:
- Purchase your virtual ticket by clicking on 'Buy Tickets' (you may need to register an account first).
- The film costs $9.99 (CAD) to stream - you have 5 days to watch it, and 7 days to access the link.
- Half of your on-demand screening fee will come back to the Yukon Film Society.
- Thank you for supporting Available Light Cinema and enjoy the film.

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